Hardwood Flooring Borders and Medallions

Make your home more luxurious and unique with borders and medallions inlaid into your wood flooring.

Hardwood Medallions

Medallions are a section of the wood floor with a uniquely executed design. They are most often wood and can be any size and shape and are often a darker stain than the rest of the floor for a light stained floor and light stained color for a dark stained wood floor. They can be very intricate designs with several different colors of stain.
Aside from beautiful and artistic designs, you can get many other styles of medallions. You can get a medallion with a corporate logo, a family coat of arms or a completely custom design.

Medallions can be used in your foyer and also look great at the bottom of a beautiful staircase.

Hardwood Borders

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Borders and trim are another way to decorate your room. Instead of having the same color stain going to the walls, you can do a simple border of different colored flooring.

There are also some very interesting and intricate borders that can be made for your wood floors. They can involve multiple colors of stain and interesting patterns.

You can define a specific area of your room or convert existing flooring into an custom look. Cchoose from pre-designed patterns or have patterns created to meet your specific style.
Let Fashion Floors work with you to develop a design that will transform your home into a showplace.

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