Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Restoration, Repair & Sanding

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Fashion Floors can handle every aspect of hardwood floor sanding, restoration and refinishing.
Hardwood floors add beauty and charm to any home but hardwood floors that are scratched, dented, or worn can take away from the attraction of a home and even decrease its value. Floors naturally become scuffed over time and Fashion Floors can help by sanding and finishing them.

Trust your wood floor sanding project to Fashion Floors. With decades of experience, specialty equipment and hard-working professional technicians, we can bring the beauty out of your old wood floors.

Fashion Floors recommends keeping your house around the same temperature yearly to avoid cracks and splits. This will help prolong your investment and keep your floors looking beautiful.

Hardwood Floor Sanding & Repair

  • Fashion Floors works quickly to minimize disruptions to your home and schedule.
  • Do you have floors that are uneven, pitted or stained? Our flooring technicians are trained to resurface your floors to look like new.
  • Fashion Floors sanders can be used on both pre-finished or site-finished hardwood floors
  • Whether your project is a small repair, a room or an entire floor, Fashion Floors has the right equipment for the job

Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Restoration

We have several options for refinishing and restoring your existing hardwood floors:

  • Restoration Fashion Floors will professionally repair damage to existing floors. Almost any type of hardwood floor is subject to chips, dents, water-damage and scratches. Fashion Floors Technicians know when to sand, treat or patch to bring out the beauty in your floors.
  • Maintenance . Fashion Floors can resurface your floors and add a top coat of polyurethane to keep them looking new.
  • Refinishing We only use the highest quality stains available. The oil or water-based polyurethane treatments we use will provide years of protection for your hardwood floor.

Have you purchased a new home or are you taking on a home remodeling project? Fashion Floors offers free in-home hardwood flooring consultations to help you decide between wood floor restoration or new wood flooring installation.

  • Removing Old Carpet: There may be hardwood floors under your carpet.. Fashion Floors technicians can analyze your floor for signs of damage due to nails, glue or staples.
  • Pet Stains and Scratches:. We can help determine if the stains or deep scratches require special cleaning products or wood patch-ins.
  • Water Damage and Flooding: Sometimes wood floors will experience some type of exposure to water and flooding. The amount of work required to bring your floors back to new condition depends on many factors such as the type of hardwood, the amount of water and the length of time the flooring was submerged. We will inspect the damage and provide an informed quote to repair your wood flooring.

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