Hardwood Floor Instructions and Care

Fashion Floors recommends keeping your house around the same temperature yearly to avoid cracks and splits. This along with proper care & cleaning will help prolong your investment and keep your floors looking beautiful.
Wood is a natural product which expands and contracts. Keep your home at normal living conditions for your area – no extremes of humidity or temperature.

Before & After Installation –
Temperature & relative humidity within the structure must be at normal living conditions.
(Temp 60 – 80 Degrees F & Humidity 30 – 50%) With both air conditioning & heating systems operational.

Instructions Once The Floors Have Been Finished

  • The floor may be walked on after 3-4 hours with stocking feet.(water base polyurethane)
  • If you have oil based polyurethane we recommend at least 24 hours after the final coat has been applied.
  • Return furniture to floor 24 hours later for water base polyurethane.
    For oil based polyurethane we recommend 48 hours after final coat has been applied, but the floor is susceptible to scuffing or marring when moving the furniture prior to 2 weeks time. Floor protectors are highly recommended.
  • Curing time for polyurethane is 14 days. (oil & water base polyurethane)
  • Pre-finished floors should have at least 72 hours before heavy foot traffic.
  • Carpets or area rugs should never be placed on the floor for at least 2 weeks after refinishing.
  • Hardwood floors should not be cleaned with a hardwood floor cleaner until after 2 weeks.
  • Fashion Floors recommends Bona Floor Cleaner to clean & maintain the beauty of your floors.

Wood Floor Care

Wood floors are not impervious to the day to day grit, food, spills, pet’s nails, adhesive tape, moving furniture and water.
Preventive maintenance like area rugs and runners in high traffic areas, floor protectors on the bottom of all furniture and anything that may rub on the floor, Vacuum without a beater bar or dry mop.
Occasionally use proper hardwood floor cleaner (Bona Wood Cleaner System).

Wood Floors are a lifetime investment. Cleaning & protecting them will extending the life of your floors. Improper care & products can contribute to additional wear, and may void your warranty, and/or cause failure.

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